Empower Gender Equality

Our goal is to to bring awareness and empower gender equality by balancing the economic, political, social and employment conditions for gender equality in Canada.



Gender Equality

THANK YOU to our Coalition Working Group

The Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario engaged a diverse group of London and area residents, who came together to develop the Terms of Reference and Policies that will guide the Coalition going forward.

This devoted group met from January until June of 2020 and completed the tasks as requested. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to this group of dedicated and informed individuals for their months of hard work.

Rachel Berdan, David Billson, Aiden Buchanan-St. Gelais, Maly Bun-Lebert, Kinga Kolton, Rumina Morris, Alexander Pershai, Ramona Robichaud, Matthew Sereda, Philip Shearer, Corinne Walsh, Dr. Amanda Zavitz.

Racism & Gender Discrimination

The Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario stands strong against racism and gender discrimination. The events of the past weeks remind us that systemic racism is a form of violence that must be eliminated. We see the effects of racism daily in our communities through racialized poverty and unequal access to justice and all forms of healthcare.

This is an important moment in time.  As individuals, as communities, and as a coalition dedicated to empowering Equality, we need to challenge ourselves to undo the effects of systemic racism in our society.  We must acknowledge and become aware of our own biases. The Coalition is committed to doing the work to be an ally and to amplify voices of those who need to be heard.

We will never have Equality until we are all Equal !

The Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario

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Equality Coalition

The Coalition was a result of funding to The Canadian Federation of University Women London Club (CFUW London) to start the Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario. This funding was through a Capacity Building Grant by the Department of Women and Gender Equality Canada.

There are many things to do before this Coalition will be up and running. The next step is to established a Working Group to create Terms of Reference or By-Laws and Operating Procedures or Regulations. If you would like to be considered for the Working Group, please complete the “Get in Touch” steps below and let us know how you would like to contribute to the Coalition.

With Thanks,

Linda Davis, Executive Director – Programming
Dani Bartlett, Executive Director – Advocacy

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This project has been supported by Women and Gender Equality Canada.

Women and Gender Equality Canada

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