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Our goal is to to bring awareness and empower gender equality by balancing the economic, political, social and employment conditions for gender equality in Canada.




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The Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario is a non-sectarian, non-profit, and non-partisan organization that works to empower all genders to achieve gender justice in our society. We provide a connection for individuals, organizations, businesses and government to discuss issues of inequality and create solutions. Through this process we provide a training ground for developing gender equality in a safe and supportive environment. This enables members to build skills, networks and create an equal society free from discrimination.

The Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario was founded in 2019, by the Canadian Federation of University Women – London, through funding by the Ministry of Women and Gender Equality Canada. Our mission, vision, values and goals guide us to our ultimate goal which is to achieve a gender equal society. 

Linda Davis

Executive Director – Programming


Linda Davis is President of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW) and currently sits on the Board, the Canadian Federation of University Women London (CFUW). In addition, Linda is also a member of the Ontario Equal Pay Coalition and the National Council of Women Canada (NCWC).

BPW, CFUW and NCWC are all non-sectarian, non-profit, non-partisan NGO organizations which promote the interests of women in our society. They each have Consultative Status with the United Nations ECOSOC. Since joining BPW in 1993, Linda has been working to improve the status of women and gender equality.

In April of 2015 Linda was appointed by Order-in-Council as an External Advisors to the Ontario Government’s Gender Wage Gap Strategy Steering Committee. After holding consultations around the province to hear from Ontarians about closing the gender wage gap, the committee submitted their final report and recommendations to the Ontario Minister of Labour and Minister of the Status of Women in late May of 2016.

Dani Bartlett

Executive Director – Advocacy



Activist, Advocate & Mom

Dani Bartlett is a tireless activist and has been fighting for the rights of others since 1994.
Dani was trained as a women’s advocate dealing with violence against women for her union. She found her voice fighting for workers rights. She was an elected Trustee, Women’s Committee Chair and Co-Chair for the Human Rights Committee.

She is Co Chair for London Coordinating Committee to End Women Abuse, a steering committee member on the Central Planning Table for the Local Employment planning council, a member of All Our Sisters steering committee and she sits on both London and District and St Thomas and District Labour Council.

Advocacy is an important part of Dani’s life, from lobbying to direct actions to creating equitable policy, she believes in fighting for Gender Equality.

Our Board of Directors

Dr. Amanda Zavitz

Dr. Amanda Zavitz

Leadership chair

(She/Her) Professor of Sociology, feminist, equality advocate, Marxist, change maker.

What Gender Justice means to me: What Gender Justice means to me: For me, gender justice means equality for all humanity.

M.Tracey Whiteye, BSW., MSW

M.Tracey Whiteye, BSW., MSW

Leadership Vice chair

(She/Her) Educator, Wholistic Indigenous Researcher, Wholistic Practitioner, activist and advocator. I am currently working at N’Amerind Friendship Centre as Ceremony and Transition Coordinator in Cultural based approaches to Violence Prevention.

What Gender Justice means to me: “That all human beings are valued and treated equally. And, that all human beings have the freedom of choice in developing their own personal abilities and wholistic well-being without limitations caused by stereotypes and gender roles”.

Cindy Marks

Cindy Marks

Advocacy Chair Board Member

Engineer, Mother of 3 female engineers, advocate and mentor.

What Gender Justice means to me: representation, inclusiveness and strength.

Amanda Topping

Amanda Topping

Program Chair

(She/Her) Leadership Committee Chair of Programs, Mother, Social Worker, Community Advocate, Systems Navigator. 

What Gender Justice means to me: safety, equal opportunity, dismantling systems of oppression.

Melissa Parker

Melissa Parker

Communications Chair

(She/Her) Co-chair Communications, Cat Mom, Activist, Advocate, Planner

What Gender Justice means to me: It’s about making sure the starting line is the same for everyone

Jeanette Novak

Jeanette Novak

Finance Chair

Mom, Activist, Advocate, Ally

What Gender Justice means to me: ensuring that every human being regardless of gender, sexuality or race has equality and equity.

Melissa Milligan

Melissa Milligan

Community Representative Youth

(She/Her) Student, Daughter, and Leader.

What Gender Justice means to me: access, opportunities, and equity.

Aiden Buchanan-St. Gelais

Aiden Buchanan-St. Gelais


What Gender Justice means to me: It means a world where gender is only an expression and gender roles would be a thing from the past.

 David BIllson

David BIllson

(He/Him) Co-Founder rTraction & RHA, Husband, Father

What Gender Justice means to me: Gender Justice to me means equity. A fair and just society should value contributions from its members equally without prejudice to gender.

Matthew Sereda

Matthew Sereda

(He/Him) Equity and Inclusive Education Learning Coordinator – Thames Valley District School Board

What Gender Justice means to me: To me it means confronting the systemic issues. Audre Lorde said it best in her quote, “The true focus of revolutionary change is never merely the oppressive situations which we seek to escape, but that piece of the oppressor which is planted deep within each of us.”

Alexander Pershai

Alexander Pershai

(He/They) Ph.D. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Researcher at Fanshawe College. Educator, activist and agent of change.

What Gender Justice means to me: I believe gender justice enhances opportunities for vulnerable groups and reduces gender-based violence.

Kinga Koltun

Kinga Kolton


What Gender Justice means to me: To me gender justice means a society where everyone is treated equitably, and empowerment for everyone to be whoever they want to.

Communications Team

Jaclyn Swinkels

Lakeside Web – Webmaster & Editor

Jaclyn is the current webmaster for the Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario. She has been creating and maintaining websites for over a decade.  In early 2019 she started her own web development company, Lakeside Web. This allows her to have a closer affiliation with her clients and their projects.  She loves working in this industry as she has many opportunities to work with a variety of interesting organizations like the Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario.


Dakota Halfpenny

Social Media Designer – Social Media Master & Editor

Dakota is originally from Goderich, Ontario. She graduated from Fanshawe College in 2016 with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design. Currently, Dakota works for the United Way Elgin Middlesex as Digital Design and Administration Coordinator. Dakota’s design focus is mostly digital but she also enjoys advertising and print design. Dakota is extremely passionate about the issues in her community, particularly human rights, mental health, and poverty. When Dakota isn’t working or building her portfolio with freelance design projects, you can find her in Goderich, enjoying the lake or on the trails with the family dog.


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