Vision / Mission 

Our goal is to to bring awareness and empower gender equality by balancing the economic, political, social and employment conditions for gender equality in Canada.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Values

The Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario

The Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario was founded in 2019 to work to create communities where all individuals have equal access to every opportunity, unbiased by gender. We are committed to diversity and inclusion, valuing individuals from all intersectionality’s including, genders, cultures, ages, races, orientations, locations, and abilities. Community representation is essential in the collaborative efforts towards gender justice. We believe that gender justice can only be achieved when all intersectional genders are included.

Our Mission is

Achieve Gender Justice

Our Vision is

A community where all genders equally share the burdens, responsibilities and rewards of our institutions and systems to have equal status in our society

Our Goals are

  • Challenge gender related systemic barriers
  • Confront sexist thinking, internalized oppression
  • Practice critical self reflection
  • Raise consciousness and expectations
  • Identify and challenge exclusions and stereotypes
  • End sexism, exploitation, and oppression in all its forms

We Value

  • Equal access
  • Collaboration and community engagement
  • Intentional inclusion
  • Active participation in positive social change

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This project has been supported by Women and Gender Equality Canada.

Women and Gender Equality Canada

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