Our goal is to to bring awareness and empower gender equality by balancing the economic, political, social and employment conditions for gender equality in Canada.




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Findings from a new Canadian report show that five years after graduation from publicly funded colleges and universities, women earn less than men in every credential (e.g. college certificates, doctoral degrees) and every field of study (e.g. sciences, humanities, engineering).

This Issue from The Learning Network addresses the topic of gender equity in Canada, and it explores how gender intersects with other systems of marginalization to produce unique challenges for achieving a fair and equal society.

The Coalition to Empower Gender Equality is actively recruiting volunteers to serve as part of the Coalition Working Group to develop the terms of reference, mission, values and scope of the Coalition with the end goal of establishing a board.

In order to develop these guiding principles the Coalition is issuing a call for volunteer Gender Equality champions to make these essential decisions.

5 Massey lectures of Sally Armstrong

Power Shift: The Longest Revolution

Acclaimed journalist Sally Armstrong argues gender inequality comes at too high a cost for all of us.

Below in italics is a snippet of this amazing Grade 7 student from Aurora’s presentation on sexism:
“Imagine a world where success and well-being were not based on your gender, skin colour, but on abilities and strengths. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?” Allen asked her schoolmates.
“One of the biggest factors that is keeping us from having a world like this is sexism.”

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