Our goal is to to bring awareness and empower gender equality by balancing the economic, political, social and employment conditions for gender equality in Canada.




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Annual Gender Equality Trailblazer Award
The Gender Equality Trailblazer award will be given to an individual in our community who has demonstrated a commitment to Gender Justice. We will look at advocacy and awareness activities aimed at creating a more gender equal community. The nomination period is open from July – September. The recognition will be awarded in late October honouring Women’s History Month.
Transgender Awareness
Transgender Awareness Week is observed the second week of November. It is a celebration leading up to Transgender Day of Remembrance to memorialize the victims of transphobic violence.
The Employment Equity Act: Annual Report 2019
This report demonstrates that, overall, the 2018 workplace representation of persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities has again increased. It also demonstrates that both women and members of visible minorities in middle management occupations continue to surpass labour market availability at the national level.

The COVID-19 pandemic has gendered effects. Women, especially women of colour, Indigenous women, and low-income women, are particularly susceptible to contracting the disease, as well as to economic instability and curtailed access to services and resources. Trans and gender diverse peoples also face heightened risks due to widespread discrimination and stigma. However, men are more likely than women to be seriously ill and die from COVID-19.

This primer provides a summary of how gender impacts the ways the COVID-19 crisis is experienced, including key resources for further reading, and the implications for policy and action during and after the pandemic.

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