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Membership in the Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario is a great way to stay informed and to add your voice to the changes required by our community to ensure we all feel valued and experience equal opportunities in every aspect of our life. Please complete the most appropriate form for your situation: Individual, Business/Corporate, or Not-For-Profit/Social Enterprise.

To help with Covid-19 recovery the membership fees are free for the 2021/22 Year. The fee structure below will be observed as of September 2022. 

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Individual Membership $20 annually
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Proud partners with the following organizations:
Champions of Change
Unicef Western
Urban League of London
Western Schulich School of Medicine
Western University Canada
The Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario is working with the Western Schulich School of Medicine Experiential Learning Program to create a workshop on Healthy Gender Identity. It is our pleasure to work with knowledgeable, dedicated Western University students in these projects aimed at bettering the health and well being of our community. Once complete, this workshop will be available to our members through our website.
Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario
Body Image and Mental Health

Western Science
CEL Poster
Mili S

Mili S

Ella C
Ella C
Hannah P

Hannah P

Melanie P
Melanie P
Morolayo I

Morolayo I

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University Community Engaged Learning (CEL)

Medical Science 4300A course for 2021, challenges students to learn about and engage with health challenges that are currently affecting the London community. A core component is the completion of a project in collaboration with a community organization to address specific health issues through multiple perspectives and using evidence-informed medical science approaches.

The Team: Mili S, Ella C, Hannah P, Melanie P and Morolayo I, are in their final year of study in an Honors Degree in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences.

The Project: chosen in consultation with the Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario the team has created a deliverable workshop and audience workbook on Body Image and Mental Health. This workshop engages pairs of individuals of all gender identities to assess and reflect on their body image beliefs, learn to dispel myths, practice using body positive activities and establish healthy body image routines through a series of simple but effective exercises. The workshop is run in two parts with time in between for reflections and understanding.

Interview with Linda Davis about the Project

“It’s been such a wonderful experience,” said Linda Davis, Executive Director of The Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario, on partnering with students for the community engaged learning course.

“We want to help people of all gender identities suffering from negative body image, there’s all kinds of mental health issues that go along with that. The students grasped very quickly what we wanted, I have just been floored.

“It’s a win-win,” Davis said. “There’s a real benefit to us in the community to be engaged with students and have young minds and innovative thinking helping us.”

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This project has been supported by Women and Gender Equality Canada.

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